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Discussion on: How to get 250k+ pages indexed by Google

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heaven on earth • Edited

where do i implement this code i own a wordpress website

if(isBot(req)) {
completeHtml = completeHtml.replace(/]<em>&gt;(?:(?!&lt;\/script&gt;)[^])</em>&lt;\/script&gt;/g, &quot;&quot;)<br> } </p>

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David Künnen Author

This snippet is something I implement server side, but you have to be very careful to not remove the JSON-LD when using it. Since I have no experience with Wordpress unfortunately I can't help you much. :-/

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Suresh Kumar Gondi

HI good morning,

Just curious about the code part. Does this code work as expected on wordpress? :)

I'm also implementing the same on the WordPress.


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Не в тренде • Edited

After the final tag /article if not using json in widgets.
As an experiment, I added this code to the first sidebar widget.