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You never fail to be funny.
Since you are talking about meta stuff anyways :D I am very curious to know how the traffic is affected by the pandemic and remote work and stuff. I logically assumed it will go up, but I feel like it went way down?
Like even myself, I fail to spend quality time often, more than before. What do you think?


Traffic is down a bit from our peak right before the pandemic hit, but it seems more to do with Google Discover (the Android home screen) not listing us as often. It's just one channel and things are overall healthy and growing. Traffic otherwise is up, but as hinted on in this post, to some extent we're still at Google's whims in some regards and Discover is a way that some posts got a lot of traffic.

However, things are starting to creep back up in that regard. So all in all it's a marathon and not a sprint. We're heavily focused on delivering quality community software and becoming less reliant on external channels like Google.

Certain components of our business, like podcasts, are down because of a change in peoples habits (e.g. no commute listening), and some things are up. Registration for CodeLand:Distributed has looked very promising. 🙂


I totally see your points. I also heard massive internet failure incidents in lots of places, which might have resulted in a worse google performance?
I dunno, but I am certain you are on a good path towards a healthy and organic traffic. Personally, I never visited dev.to from an out source :D.

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