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TexCreate Beta 1 Released!

Yesterday I had released TexCreate Version 2 Beta 1, do note that not all commands are available yet and are expected to come in future beta releases. So what are we expecting? Well this first beta release is to get insiders ready to migrate projects into Version 2, as I ready up the templates into TeX-rs LaTeX templates, here is the planned changes for the other releases...

Beta 2

  • zip command
  • Updated web command using zip command base
  • edit command
  • Beamer and Novel templates available

Beta 3

  • released
  • doc command

Stable Release

  • Proper documentation for each library

What's to come later?
I have not added MaTeX support yet since it's still a long way to go, and will be added into a minor release. However at this current moment this is the plan, and this will take a few months to develop as this is all done in my little free time.

Anyways to upgrade to the latest beta, do the following:

$ cargo install --locked texcreate --version 2.0.0-beta.1
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Do this in your discretion, I do recommend waiting for Beta.2 before using this in more production uses.

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