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TexCreate Version 2 Released!!!

After breaking TexCreate over and over again, I am happy to announce that the stable TexCreate version 2 is released, and has already received 2 patches since I forgot about the doc command.

While coming up with what should come with the new release, I had to truncate a lot of what was considered. After much consideration, I will no longer support the MaTeX language, and actually I will no longer maintain it (in favour of creating Mufi), and I will instead focus on customization.

I do want to introduce custom templates, but I am still trying to find a way to do it, and of course add more templates, which will be easier now with texc-latex and texc-config. Along with that I do want to port this project into other languages, like Python and C (using FFI) to allow for a variety of flavors.

Anyways I hope everyone loves this new version and over the next few weeks I will be working on optimizations in the programs, and
update everything related to this new release ( and

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