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6 Ways How to Use a VPN

  1. All Skype Calls are Local Now
    Liberal adjustments of your IP addresses, depending in the location of your intended recipient, essentially allows all your Skype calls to be local calls. You never need to spend huge bucks on calling New Zealand again.

  2. Join The Elite Google ‘Beta-Testers’
    Google releases a bunch of new products yearly, and they roll out exclusively to select regions, leaving other thirsting for a taste of new, revolutionary tech. Using a VPN, you can become a part of Google’s early bird testers.

  3. Unblock Hulu
    Stream content blocked in your country by virtually naturalizing yourself into citizen with a VPN. Never miss out on your favorite TV shows again.

  4. Stream On The Go
    Wherever you are, whatever time, and no matter what restrictions your overlords might have put in place, a VPN is your All-Stage Pass. A Swiss army knife that cuts through restrictions like butter, never leave home without it.

  5. Keep Up With The NBA
    High-flying super athletes, long distance snipers, and thunderous rejections at the rim—now imagine being locked out from the greatest show on Earth. Watch NBA games on the go, no matter where you are on the globe.

  6. Follow Your Patriots Across The Globe
    Unblock access to your Sunday and Monday Night Football wherever you are, on whatever ISP you are, and enjoy your touchdowns, sacks, and stiff arms with no restrictions.

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