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10 Reasons Why EVERYONE Should Use GitHub

n3wt0n profile image Davide Benvegnù ・1 min read

What makes GitHub so popular? Can it be used for Startups, SMBs and Enterprises? What are the top features?

It's again time for a Top 10.

Let's talk about the 10 reasons why everyone should use Github.

(Note: the reasons are not in any specific order)


  1. It's home of more than 50 Million developers
  2. It is the best Git provider out there
  3. Free unlimited public and private repos, and unlimited collaborators
  4. It's backed by Microsoft
  5. Automation aka GitHub Actions
  6. Dependabot, Security alerts and Automatic PRs
  7. Native Mobile App
  8. GitHub Insights
  9. Activity Report
  10. Marketplace and Integrations


Here you have the video with the full list, discussion, and explanation:


What do you all think? Are my top 10 reasons the same as yours?

Let me know in the comment section below if you think there are others reasons and features that are even better!

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Or, you know, use an open source service like Sourcehut.


Of course everyone is free to use whatever they want. But I have to say if asked for a piece of advice I wouldn't recommend Sourcehut, especially to SMBs and Enterprises. It has just too many limitations and the overall experience is not as good as other tools.

There is a reason(few reasons, actually :) ) why GitHub has more than 50 million active developers using it, and why it became the de facto home of Open Source.

That said, if you or anyone else prefer other tools I truly think anyone should use whatever they feel more comfortable with, as long as everyone is fully aware of the pros and cons.


Also, I'd be genuinely interested in knowing what are the reasons, features, and tools that made you decide to go with that platform instead of anything else.