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Discussion on: The NEW Manual Validation Task for Azure DevOps YAML Pipelines Demystified

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Davide 'CoderDave' Benvegnù Author

Hey, thanks for the question. In YAML the approvals are pre-deployment, this could be used as a workaround to have post-deployment approvals for example. You deploy, and then you pause the stage with a manual validation task so someone can verify that it works, for example.

Or can be something completely unrelated to deployment. Let’s say you are building an application and as part of the process you have to perform a manual action to a 3rd party system that doesn’t have an API you can use for integration…

This task is designed for all the cases like this in which you don’t want or can’t have an automation taking care of “something”.

And I agree with you, it is much simpler than the deployment approvals, at least in its current form, but at least we have something now 😁

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Sean G. Wright

I like your example of post-deployment approvals. I had thought about something like this but didn't know how to implement them. I have been using the Environment approval of each stage as a kind of post-deployment approval of the previous stage.

Lots to brainstorm about here 🤔.