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Davide 'CoderDave' Benvegnù
Davide 'CoderDave' Benvegnù

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Introducing the GitHub Security Overview | GitHub Security Center

The new GitHub Security Overview, commonly referred to as GitHub Security Center, consolidates in one place all the GitHub Advanced Security recommendations like the GitHub Code scanning results, the GitHub Secret Scanning, etc.


To showcase this important and long awaited new feature, I've create a video in which I go through how to access and how to use all the new features.

Watch the full video here 🤓

Link to the video:

Let me know below what you think! Do you have any other questions about Linters and Linting?

Stay tuned because I will soon have another post and video about the GitHub Super Linter!

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Top comments (2)

caleb15 profile image
Caleb Collins-Parks

Looks cool, wish we had access to it.

n3wt0n profile image
Davide 'CoderDave' Benvegnù

You can just buy a license to Advance Security ;) I know.. kidding