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I'm not a big fan of "XX books every developer must read" posts, because the view on this is (of course) heavily subjective. But that is not the problem.
For me, these titles sound a lot like "you're not a real developer, if you haven't read these books". Arve Solland wrote a nice article about this.

I know that most of the time the title is really meant as "XX books a really enjoyed and recommend".
So from time to time a still skimm through a list of book recommendations. Just like this one.

And I'm so happy that you recommended "Starting to Unit Test: Not as Hard as You Think" by Erik Dietrich. I was a little skeptical, because (to me) the title
sounds like "A beginners guide to unit tests". But I read it anyhow and I really enjoyed it. And I'm not new to unit testing and still took so much information from this book. Erik Dietrich provides so many valuable tips for everyone who is writing tests.

After I was done reading Erik's book, I immediately started "Working Effectively with Unit Tests" by Jay Fields. And so far this as also great.

So even if the start of my comment might sound a little frustrated, I really wanted to say thank you for the great book recommendations. :-)


You're welcome.

An acquaintance asked me for a list of programming books he could read to up his software development game. I spent a fair bit of time creating that list and, at some point, I got the idea to turn it into a blog post.

I'm sure many brilliant developers haven't read half the books on this list. In fact, I'd be willing to put money on it. These are just the books that were helpful to me.


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