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Discussion on: Releasing my personal project

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nastyox • Edited on

Love the name! Design is great, and mobile responsiveness feels natural. You even made sure accessibility was taken into account. The only essential thing I saw missing was email validation upon sign up that would ensure that a later account recovery would be possible. I'd also mention that the activity feed from users I follow doesn't update immediately when I follow/unfollow someone; I have to refresh the feed page or log out and log back in. I would probably also stop users from visiting the homepage again if they're already logged in since it's directed at getting people to sign up, but that's your preference. Overall, awesome work. I think you really did a great job with this initial launch. Now comes the marketing, which is just as challenging. I wish you luck!

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Hector de Luna Author

Thanks for your comment!
Yeah there are various features that are missing, but I wanted to create the core experience for now!
The feed probably has to do with relay caching, thanks for letting me know.
Thanks 🙏🏻