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Natália Catunda
Natália Catunda

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how to learn something

If you are reading this article now, be calm don't give up!
Throughout our lives, it is common for us to experience difficulties mainly in technology, but everything that is new, ends up causing us strangeness even, don't worry, at that moment it means that you need to open your mind, humble yourself and be patient, difficulties will always arise and when at the end of persistence we overcome a little bit the limits of our capacity we can feel the taste of having overcome ourselves through a quality that we acquire either in a personal way or in work/study.
it's just one pill of good words that you can take.
Thanks for reading! ;)

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Denis • Edited on

Yep, this is very important to keep learning even when you face failures. It may be difficult to learn something, but anyway you will end up understanding that. Persistence is the key guys, keep moving!

ayrancp profile image

Right in time that i almost abandoned the React kkkkkl

nataliacatundafr profile image
Natália Catunda • Edited on

@ayrancp , You're not alone... it's a process... :))

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Ben Halpern

Very well said!

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