Code Newbie Wins

natalie stroud on March 18, 2019

Maybe I'm writing this more for myself, or the coding newbies, or the "used to be" coding newbies, or somebody out there. Also I apologize in adva... [Read Full]
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Glad the article inspired you, Natalie. Sounds like you're making some big strides and getting some big wins. Be ready for a roller coaster ride, but, like an actual roller coaster, it will be lots of fun. 😄


Great post. I'm a newbie too with the aim of becoming a front end developer. Thanks for the warm words in your post. I got some positive replies from entry level developer jobs this week so that's my win.


That's wonderful! Congratulations :) Can I ask, when did you feel ready to start applying for those? I don't feel ready at all. Maybe it's imposter syndrome or my confidence or both but I feel like my coding skills right now are mediocre. I was so motivated to start coding my portfolio site from scratch yesterday and the more I looked at my code the more flustered I started to get. I wish you the best in your journey!


Yay! Keep it up!


Also @raddevon 👀

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