What type of monitor(s) and setup do you use for software development?

Nathan Englert on June 11, 2019

I'm curious to see what everyone is using. Do you roll with one monitor to keep the extra noise down? Do you use two 23" monitors side-by-side? Do you have one of your monitors turned in portrait mode? Does your setup look like something out of Swordfish? Let's discuss!

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My remote-work monitor setup uses three 24" monitors in an H configuration. I really like the portrait mode monitors for viewing long portions of code and I am able to tile effectively on Windows 10 using AquaSnap



This is super interesting to me.. How long have you been using this 'H' setup?


Been using it for about 9 months. Another benefit is that the screen space of the three monitors isn't spread out nearly as wide, meaning there is less side-to-side head movement.


I haven't been sitting at my desk a lot lately, so I've been using my laptop screen. However, when I do use it, I have a single 24" monitor that is eye level. I used to have multiple monitors, but I've found that using a single one has helped me focus on the current task at hand. I then make use of gesture swiping to switch between windows / screens / etc.


I just have my laptop on the left and an additional 21" monitor on the right. I usually use more the monitor.


At work I have 2 24" lenovo displays and at home I use my laptop in combination with my 27" hp and switch it rarely with the old 22" LG (not able to use both at the same time :( )

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