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Senstate - Updates, C#-Client and a future look

Example Senstate Gif

Finally after some months I worked a bit on Senstate again. I had some features already "done", but only some days ago I merged the PR. 😄

🎊 Senstate v0.3 🎉

New features:

  • Group Watchers


  • List Watchers (instead of a masonry-grid, still need some more stying, ideas? thoughts?)
  • You can add "difference"-View to see the change of the previous value

example of the difference feature

  • Errors can be searched on multiple sites, opens a new tab:
    • DuckDuckGo
    • Github
    • Google
    • StackOverflow

Also see

🚧 Whats next?


Began working on an overlay to use inside your Web-App.

This will be done with Angular Elements (which can be used even without Angular).

Only the "target" connection will be changed (instead of the Hub-Connection), everything else will stay the same.

Repo / wip-changes will be pushed soon

Now finally working on the C# client:

My goal is to create a library that could be used with, initial tests worked with:

  • .Net Standard (I hope this would be all possible targets?)
  • Unity
  • Blazor Server / WebAssembly

The Library(ies) will be splitted into:

  • The main logic, watchers/logger
  • separated WebSockets implementation
  • separated Json implementation

So that way every possible Target / Platform can have their own Json/WebSocket implementation.


I'll post an article on how to use it, once the first version is published


  • Try if react-native "just" works ?
  • Save Dashboard settings to localStorage
  • Extend the Dashboard (all the time, suggestions welcomed)
  • Add instructions to the Dashboard itself (if no app is connected) - maybe just show the markdown-file of the client-library? - ideas?
  • Creating an example repo for all possible libraries / targets
  • Bug fixes


If there are any ideas / feature requests / issues / use-cases, please tell me :)

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