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Oh for sure,

This is one of JavaScripts biggest pain points right now from “outsiders” that you could honestly be only following JavaScript development and still experience developer fatigue. This is largely in part due to the fact that even though JS has been around for about a decade, it only really got most of its QoL and meta programming enhancements that make people think of it as a mature language within the that past couple of years.

Wanting to be a computer scientist has a very conflicting duality that people have to balance to do well. With CS covering almost every field of human endeavor it can be very easy to get lost in what topics to pick. But even once you pick a topic to study you must remain focused as too not experience a burnout amount of fatigue. This conflicts with many people’s curiosity that makes them want to “learn all the things”.

You must be very careful in what you learn while still “learning all the things” so that you can advance your breadth and depth of knowledge.


Yeah I feel you. I was just talking about software dev, if we include the whole CS... well, that's A LOT :D

Learning all the things (not just at work but in life) can be troublesome yes.

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