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JavaScript, if it had static types I’d use it for everything. But right now I pretty much only use it on the web which is where I spend most of my time anyway haha


BTW, you didn’t answer my second question. What are you building with JS?


All sorts of things :) is a WIP suite of PWAs to serve as Web alternatives to all your regular native app needs. Every OS comes with basic productivity utilities, and I'm making those very apps for the Web. is my collection of ES2015+ modules for all sorts of things you might need when making programs with JS

Those are my main projects right now and I've plenty in the works on the side too


Why not using Typescript then? Our frontend devs migrates all Code to TypeScript from JS. You still need to transpile but maybe WebAssembly will have some answers in the future...


Because typescript needs to be transpiled, and I like being more in control of what gets outputted

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