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Discussion on: What was your worst experience with a programming language?

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Meghan (she/her)

Python has a special place in my heart for languages I don't like. The amount of ti
mes I've seen python code and thought to myself this should not even compile properly, let alone run is almost countless. And the side effects, argh. The whole language is just chock full of bad design decisions. And to boot, it doesn't even look nice. It's one saving grace, is that it forces a style guide, so I'm sure that helps readability. But even that is thrown out the window because py2 and py3 aren't even compatible enough to be the same language.

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Ahaha we should probably have a discussion about this because although there are bad decisions in there it has served me well for 15 years... I feel like some issues, of languages in general, are derived from trying to fit a language in our own mindset instead of the other way around.

Well, I'm about to head to the airport so it might take a bit for me to answer and I have no idea on which time zone you are but if you care to make a list I might be able to shed some light or even agree with you on this or that issue. I'll answer eventually 🤣