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Well, I'm a International Relations BA. Since the beggining of my carreer, I was in love with electronic government, a subject which I learned more and more and when I found bitcoin. With this, I fall in love, first not because the tech part but what in economy represented a decentralized currency. My friends told me that the real power of bitcoin was the tech part, so I looked that part and I was lost 😱

When I say lost, I say that I have no a single f%ck1ng clue about what is going on. Lots of .c files running with .cpp and having some pull request to make a better currency? I was like:


So, without any doubt I started my path to learn how to code, which I'm almost 5 years now. My main problem is that I don't have friends who code, so I have to do my own way. Right now, I'm finished a certification from FreeCodeCamp and looking foward to help in a project.

So, cheers!

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