re: Developers with mental illness. How do you cope with days and weeks where you don't feel you can do anything? VIEW POST


I feel for you, as I'm having some difficult weeks now.

This isn't as detailed, but these work for me.

For bad days, I do self-care first. I make sure I eat and cleaned myself up. Then I do a productive chore outside my house such as groceries, a post-office run, or a trip to a library (mostly because one of my issues is never leaving my house). If I can maintain for a few days, then sometimes it abates itself on its own.

For bad weeks, I have friends with similar issues and a well-check program. We check in with each other if there's no contact or suspicious social media postings after a couple of weeks or so. If I don't receive a call and I believe I need one, I start cold-calling my friends. It gives me an obligation to forcibly reconnect.

Good luck, I hope it helps.


Thank you for sharing. Hope it' gets better for you.

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