Github's Atom vs Microsoft's VS Code

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Between the two editors, which is your favorite? And why?

I mainly use Atom, i tried VS Code for a while, but I've never seemed to notice any core difference. So i want to see what others think. The one feature i whish Atom had is VS Code is the auto completion.
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I use VS code , only reason is, in Atom Vs VS-Code by performance . vs code wins .

Apart from that both Editors have similar features and community


I agree. Both fall well-short of Sublime in terms of most performance benchmarks, but I find VS Code more consistently above the thresholds for good usability and generally growing a more vibrant community of developers. I feel like it's pulling away.


I found Sublime Text had a few bugs when I used it, so I've switched to Atom. I'm considering VS Code because of the speed problems with Atom, it takes a little bit too long to open, but crucially it freezes for a long time when viewing a large file which can happen accidentally when in the Git view.


I found a lot of JS developers started to using VS Code because of built-in Node.js debugger. As others said here, intellisense is super smart in VSCode. What I like about VSCode is Settings Sync which enables you to save your VSCode setting in Gist and pull it from new VSCode installation.


I personally use both all the time. They’re both super clean and have many strengths. VS Code has the best autocomplete discovery I’ve ever seen for web dev and is blazing fast, but I like Atoms extensions better


Don't have personal experience with it, but Atom's been described as "slow" by a lot of my peers, who tend to prefer VS Code OR Sublime. TBH, VS Code is quite a tool, especially for JS development (compared it to Sublime for that precise use case here, in case you want to dig deeper). :)


a year ago i'm using Atom. and switch to VScode about two months ago because performance...


I've been using Atom, and its auto-completion is a bit annoying, tending to complete an identifier that I didn't tell it to. I haven't tried VS Code.


I agree, this was an informative thread, I'll be switching to VS Code for all my JS projects.

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