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What’s new in New Relic - June 2022

Your scoop on the latest New Relic product innovations, partnerships, and events.

Check out the latest:

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Zebrium’s machine learning model identifies root causes in logs with 95% accuracy. Troubleshoot faster by avoiding the need to manually search through logs when you install the Zebrium quickstart. Get a prebuilt dashboard of incident detections and their root causes in just minutes, all for free. Learn How to Get Started

Looking for more integrations?

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Check out New Relic Instant Observability for 470+ integrations to help you instrument and monitor your tech stack like a pro, without the burden of manual set up. With quickstarts, you get out-of-the-box bundles of integrations, dashboards, and alerts — created by observability experts around the world. Quickstarts have been vetted by New Relic and are ready to install with one click. No matter what tools you rely on, you can find a quickstart to help you get started in minutes!
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Support Tip of the Week: Update our Docs!

We take great pride in our documentation and make hundreds of updates every week. However, we know there is always room for improvement. That’s where you come in. Do you think we’re missing an important step, or could be clearer in explaining a learn how to create an issue or add an edit to our documentation. Have questions, comments, or best practices you’d like to share about New Relic? Join the conversation in the New Relic Users community slack channel

All June 2022 Updates

AI-powered root cause analysis with the Zebrium integration
Troubleshoot incidents faster and avoid manually digging through logs with the Zebrium quickstart

New Relic supports Amazon EKS Anywhere on bare metal
Use existing on-prem infrastructure for Kubernetes backed by AWS.

Node.js and Python APM agent updates to include logs in context
Starting July 21, reduce complexity and troubleshoot issues faster with application logs collection and forwarding built directly into the agents, opt out anytime

IBM MQ integration public preview
Performance monitoring for your IBM MQ infrastructure.

Distributed tracing enabled by default with Go agent update: version 3.16.0
Get started easier with distributed tracing

Distributed tracing enabled by default with PHP agent update: version 9.21.0
Get started easier with distributed tracing

Infinite Tracing enhancements: EU & APAC. Browser, mobile, & Lambda
Smart sampling now supports more regions and use cases

Data Plus pricing now available for observability at scale
Extended retention, logs obfuscation, FedRAMP, and more included for 56% bundled savings

New obfuscation features now available in log management
The new functionality makes it easy to keep sensitive data out of logs

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