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Discussion on: I feel worthless when I'm unproductive

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Hey, it seems like you are 90% me ! Those feelings you have are very real and very much felt by other people in our field ! I have an insane dopamine rush when I'm solving problems and being productive and when I'm not, well hello self loathing. All goes down the drain in a matter of days.

One of the things I'm learning to accept is that there is no right answer, there is no specific method. No fix-it-all magic. Sometimes the pomodoro technique might work, other times long continuous working sessions might work. I might medidate daily for two months, and then not meditate at all for six ! I have a written list to keep track of my tasks, this works sometimes too !

For short term stuff, I guess that learning to juggle with different techniques to help with productivity and focus is already a good start ! Focus on aspects of your routine you are the strongest at. Other aspects of your routine that need more care might benefit from it via proxy. At least, that's how it seems to work for me. (Example: If I'm consistent on my habits with tidying, my mind is more at ease and it's easier to focus on work. If I'm consistent on exercice, my mind is also more at ease and it's easier to focus on anything !)

For long lasting remedies, I would suggest making good use of browser extensions to redirect / block common distracting sites (news, reddit, facebook, etc.). I really loved HabitLab during the time it was maintained, there was no other tool like it. Unfortunately the maintainer behind it hasn't contributed to the project in a while so I had to find alternatives. I'm using Impulse Blocker (firefox) and Block Site ( for Chrome to help out with that.

Hang in there and no matter what, find a way to get in touch with some positivity, if it can't come from you to you, I'm sure your entourage will be happy to provide !

Cheers !

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Thank you so much for this advice! It has been a couple of days since I posted this and I'm kind of surprised how many people relate to this. It's really great to hear from people who are on 'the other side'. I'm coming up with a strategy to build up self-care strategies and stay consistent with it.

Cheers :)