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Discussion on: VueJS+ExpressJS CRUD & Cookbook

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That would be great. I was able to log in using Firebase login but then wasnt sure what I am suppose to do next.... I am not sure how to set up any of the dbs (like how do I configure it to use PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc? and am I suppose to run Redis? Maybe best thing would be to put this in a Docker file and have everything ready to go?

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Aaron Gong Author


Documentation and update is still in progress. Please ignore the Firebase and Mongo Stitch part. The project aim is to have components that are not locked into a single vendor.

For local only install, it will use SQLite as the database. Nothing needs to be installed except Node & NPM.

I am working on deployments also, Docker, Kubernetes, Google App Engine... this is one of the missing pieces in the puzzle...