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re: Great! Another thing I would to know is.. How did you set your desktop theme (taskbar, apps toolbar... etc) to that nice looking blue? I have been ...

The theme colors are standard Windows 10 features.

  1. Right click your desktop
  2. Choose the Personalize menu item
  3. For colors, goto the Colors tab on the left
  4. Uncheck automatically pick accent color
  5. Pick a custom color, mine is specifically #03357B (the color selector lets you input hex values if you hit More)
  6. Uncheck transparency effects
  7. Check both accent color options (start, taskbar + title bars and windows)
  8. Use light as the default app mode

Now your taskbar, start menu and all of your windows will use that custom color.
If you're happy with your set up, you can goto the Themes tab on the left and then save it as a pre-set.

I also modified VSCode's workbench colors so it matches my Windows theme. Those settings are in my dotfiles.

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