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Hello Henry,

What do you like about your job both on behance and on babel?

Where do you think that a beginner in javascript should start?

Do you have any book or tutorial recommendations about javascript?

Thank you for your time.


Thanks for the question Nick!

I like Behance because we are able to work on a website that helps others - specifically artists/creatives. We have a free to use, no ad product that allows us to focus on just making it better for ours users. The business goals also align with our users (in helping them share, collaborate, and get jobs) and that's good to understand. And I like our team because like I mention in we care about software quality in it's various forms, we do "lunch and learns" every once in a while to talk about various things we are learning whether it's something technical or Mike's "analyzing song lyrics" talk. We care about our users, the teams wellbeing, and collaborate between design, community, development, business, etc.

For Babel, feel like I could say a lot but I like being able to contribute to a project that shapes the future of JavaScript and web development. There's just so many parts to it, it doesn't really get boring. I know some people want to move on to different things, but it at least feels big enough that there's always another aspect of the project or open source that I want to look into and figure out: whether it's the compiler itself, language design, managing github/open source, keeping contributors and making maintainers, handling the various communities whether it's other frameworks, tc39, new developers, other languages, plugin authors, etc. There's really an endless amount of things to work on that I want to express, so like I think I mentioned in another answer I will probably transition into doing more of that kind of project manager role (which is what a maintainer seems to mean anyway) just because that seems interesting? I think doing oss lets you put on a lot of hats, kind of like making a startup/company except at least until you try to work on it full time isn't your livelihood 🙂. It means you are free to do whatever you want*

I would sum being a maintainer like the tweet I posted recently:

I think you can start by trying to make something you'd like: a website, an app, a game and learning to do the steps it takes to make that happen. Unless you are the kind of person who is able to take classes or learn from tutorials on more abstract or other things. I would find a group that you can do it with instead of doing it alone.

As for books, there are a lot like or, but I personally I didn't read anything when I got started. I think if you are interested enough you'll find the right resources but I guess it depends on where you are at?


Thanks for your time and answers.
Well to be exact i'm doing good with javaScript but i always trying to find ways to improve myself. I am more of a Backend developer.

If i am allowed one more question.

I am trying to start side project(it will be an SDK) and find it hard at this time to plan and structure my library and get started. Could you give me some tips on this matter ? (I'm looking on getting myself to the next level on thinking the bigger picture and to creating libraries/sdks/systems)

Thanks again.

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