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re: Coming from a Java/C background in university this really really intrigues me. It was one of my big hangups context switching, learning web while s...

It's definitely not necessary as many have built large scale applications in Javascript before Flow and TypeScript, but in my experience, if you want to scale your team quickly on a project, avoid silly mistakes like typos and be able to refactor quicker, you need something like TypeScript. Couple that with editors that have plugins or native support for TypeScript, and you all of a sudden have a way better developer experience.

I agree partially with him about it not preventing bugs. TypeScript eliminates certain kinds of bugs: runtime errors due to typos, potentially issues related to type coercion and stuff like assigning a completely different type to a variable because these are caught at transpilation (compile) time. Basically a lot of the same issues that would fail at compile time in strongly type languages like C# or Java.

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