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re: I agree. I Have not made up my mind yet, thats why I am trying to understand what people do in similar project setup. Then i can also follow the sa...

Update to this. I use eslint with TypeScript now. If you want to see my setup, check out

nickytonline /

Source code for my web site

Netlify Status

Hey there, I'm Nick and this is my site's source code. This site started off as a clone of the Netlify CMS Gatsby Starter (check it out!). Since then, I've tweaked it a lot and converted the codebase to TypeScript.

Feel free to peruse the code and/or fork it. πŸ˜‰

Thanks to all the wonderful projects that made it possible to build this blog.

To get up and running:

  • clone the repository by running git clone or git clone
  • run npm install
  • run npm run develop to get up and running with the Gatsby development server.
  • Since the project uses Babel and not TypeScript as the compiler, a separate process is required to run type checking. Open another terminal and run npm run type-check:watch
  • If you're curious about why the Netlify CMS admin is…

Also, here's a great post from @robertcoopercode about TypeScript and ESLINT.

Woot woot thanks for the shoutout.

@gyandeeps and I have been discussing whether using a linter is at all useful when combined with TypeScript. He doesn't seem convinced, haha.

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