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Some of this has been mentioned, but exercise for sure and make sure to get up at least once an hour and hydrate.

King Julian from the Madascar movie

If you work from home, put plants in your office that purify the air, which reminds me I need to buy some new ones. 😉

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If you commute to work, use public transport if it's an option, or bike to work. Less cars on the road and you're getting free exercise on your way to work. Where I live, there is a city wide communal bike sharing service which I love.

I also go to an osteopath/chiropractor usually once a month to keep everything tip top. Even if you're not injured, there's normal day to day stuff that puts you body out of whack, e.g. slouching in your chair, leaning your head on your arm etc. I try to treat my body like a car. Make sure to give it tune ups. Obviously that one depends on your insurance at work, but use it if you have it.

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