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re: As I write this, Zoom's stock price is basically unaffected. 0.56% change is basically normal trading fluctuation.

My guess is not enough non-technical people are aware of it yet.

Side note, if you didn't read the article about the vulnerability, run the following to kill the web server that Zoom runs on your Mac.

# Kill Zoom Web Server
pkill "ZoomOpener"; rm -rf ~/.zoomus; touch ~/.zoomus && chmod 000 ~/.zoomus;

pkill "RingCentralOpener"; rm -rf ~/.ringcentralopener; touch ~/.ringcentralopener && chmod 000 ~/.ringcentralopener;

Thanks for pointing this out. Is there any way to confirm if it was successfully killed?
I'm not so agile with the command line yet, and there was no confirmation of any sort, only a brief pause after running the command. Do you know where any files would be stored, to go and see if anything is still there?

I'm glad I physically cover my camera with a sticker; you never really know if even well-meaning apps are watching you.

After running those commands, run lsof -i :19421 and it should return nothing.

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