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Discussion on: What Is the Best Place for Object Storage in 2019?

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Personally, I suggest to use Google Firebases Cloud Storage.

Client should be able to use an easy UI for dragging images to folder.

You could give them access to the firebase console directly, with a specific role, where they can upload images.

Client should be able to add basic metadata to objects like title, description, and the date taken.

Users can set fixed metadata or custom metadata, see docs for more info.

Client should be able to delete images or mark them as private.

They can delete content, but I don't think they might set objects as private. I know than you can set a scope or access control list, so non-logged users cannot see the object (an end-side user is a non-auth user).

This folder should be exposed via an API for querying image data (REST or GraphQL are okay).

You can use the set of firebase API's to query the cloud storage, more info here.

The service shouldn't be too costly.

The service has a per-usage cost, so it increases with your usage. I think you have a limit of free usage per month.

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Niko Heikkilä Author

Thanks! I will look into Firebase.

The project will be deployed to Netlify so any additional integration to that platform as well is welcome.

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I think firebase is ok for Netlify, is totally platform-independent