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Nicolás Omar González Passerino
Nicolás Omar González Passerino

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Heroku, stages and idle time

This year I wanted to understand how to deploy my own apps and improve that path by adding improvements like code coverage upload through jobs or how to use different stages.
Now I've learned how to work with services like heroku and Github Pages/Actions, I come to you with this problem:

These days I have a couple of apps for demo purposes loaded on Heroku using free dynos/plan, these apps are working for my beta and production branches in separated apps
Thanks to the free dynos I don't have any cost, but this comes with the cost of idle time after the app is not been used for 20 minutes.
So far I have founded that each app (or dyno) has to be upgraded to be 24/7 for USD 7/month (thing that I approve, but it gets expensive in my country if I have to mantain several apps with that service)

Therefore, I need your advice about alternatives to heroku or a way of mix services (like use Heroku for the beta version and GitHub Pages for prod).

Any hint or idea is welcome :D
Thank you for your help.

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Carlos Azuaje

You can use 300 USD credits in GCP registring your credit card. AWS also have free credits and you can use it to deploy software. Azure too. Heroku is a complicated black box to use when you want to do something beyond a crud.

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