How to Easily Avoid Hitting the Memory Limit on Heroku

nico_lrx on April 12, 2018

Heroku is a great tool to launch a new app easily. However, dynos can quickly reach their limit if your app is memory intensive. It was the cas... [Read Full]
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It's my first post here (and one of my first technical post ever), please let me know if you have any feedback ;)


This is just the kind of post I would have loved to have found while dealing with this issue myself.

For further on this subject, this talk is great:


Thanks for this post! That gem looks handy.

For those running Rails & Puma, the gem puma_worker_killer can do this as well. The nice thing about that one is it will restart your dynos sequentially to avoid downtime.

I once made a pull request to puma_worker_killer to use the Heroku log drain to measure memory use and restart if it gets too high. Sadly, it didn’t get merged. 😢


I finally implemented this.

By the way t ='%H') should be t ='%H').

Thanks again!

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