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Discussion on: If you had to live with only 5 dev tools, what would they be?

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Nicolas Bailly • Edited on
  1. PHPStorm (which may be cheating since it includes a REST API testing tool, (S)FTP client, SQL Client and more)
  2. Vagrant
  3. Homestead
  4. WinSCP
  5. Postman

I'm a fan of Docker in production and CI/CD, but for local development I'm sticking with Vagrant/Homestead on Hyper-V which works flawlessly.

I'm also trying to switch from Postman to PHPStorm's http client which looks very powerful, but I'm not quite used to it yet.

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Peter Witham Author

I think PHPStorm is valid, I was very tempted to add WebStorm as I use that a lot for my Gatsby stuff I have been playing around with.

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Josh Brown

I'd be hugely interested to hear about how you get on with PHPStorm's HTTP client!