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re: Ever since I ditched Windows, I have so fallen in love with Linux. To be honest, it makes me feel cool 😎 as a coder. But the best part is whenever...

But the best part is whenever I step into my terminal, I feel like I have superpowers, cause I could do a whole lot there.

I don't know when you made the move, but Powershell is incredibly powerful and Object Oriented. The only drawback is the fact that it's more verbose than bash (which is imho better for writing scripts, but less convenients for short one liners) but it's a really good shell.
The new windows terminal is also shaping up to be pretty good.
So really you can have superpowers with the terminal in windows, it's just that most windows users don't bother to learn Powershell.


It's not about the shell at all. Window in simple term frozen with B.O.D several times, forced updates and all those chaos. True, Powershell is so powerful and even PowerPoint from Microsoft is so powerful that you could literally do programming URL with it. I love some Microsoft stuffs but not Windows 10. That's all.

Sure, I was specifically replying to John's comment about his favorite part of Linux being his terminal (I edited my comment to make it clearer).
I'm not trying to start a "Linux vs Windows" argument ;-)

You have a point. Cheers.

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