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Thank you for this! Nice to see how other podcasters work :)

I've also published some days ago a tutorial on how we record and broadcast live our podcast (Podcast Science, on air since 2010), you can find it here. We have a pretty different setup since we record and broadcast live and our team is distributed, but you can probably find some useful stuff.


I remember when I first got talking to Jay Miller about podcasting - it was around the same time that he had me on his Productivity in Tech show. He told me about Audio Hijack, Loopback, and SoundFlower.

I really should look into these further. I'm also thinking of adding a hardware recorder to my current set up, because Audacity crashed during a save (shortly after recording) and wiped out two hours of content:


Interesting, I never had any crash with audio hijack. For the hardware recorder I've try to use Zoom R16 and Zoom H6 but I don't think it's possible to do hardware recording AND usb mic at the same time...

The crash was from Audacity, when saving to disk; then it crashed again when trying to recover. Which was a little annoying. But, I might be able to recover it all, because all of the au files (the audio tracks are split into small chunks when saving) are present but the Audacity Project file is broken.

That's probably the process that I'm going to use, I just need to decide on which of the two devices to use.

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