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Discussion on: I need to learn about TypeScript Template Literal Types

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Niels Boecker

Hey Craig, these new TypeScript functionalities are blowing my mind and your article was amazing, really appreciated how you broke down the fairly hard to digest type definitions into smaller steps to help follow the thought process. :)

I have a nitpick, there seems to be a difference in your rewrite of the type-safe string dot notation example. Unlike the original code example, it will not accept top-level properties:

const user = {
  age: 12,
  projects: [
    { name: "Cool project!", contributors: 10 },
    { name: "Amazing project!", contributors: 12 },
} as const;

// This is not working :(
get(user, 'age');
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Craig ☠️💀👻 Author

Nice catch! I'm not surprised that I broke something! Hopefully people don't use my version for real, as it was strictly for me trying to work it all out 😅