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Hey!πŸ‘‹ Dev fam,
I am a second year c.s.e undergrad at VVCE, Mysore. I also work as the Head of Social Media in an Ed-tech startup.

I've been learning Web-dev since past couple of months and have done a Microsoft Technology Associate certification:HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals.

I came to know about Hacktoberfest last year in the month of November when I saw one of my classmate wearing the Hacktoberfest T-shirt. I got to know about open source from O.S.L, VVCE. I knew that I wanted to explore what was it all about.

I'm glad to share that all my pull requests passed the review period today at 12:29 a.m.


  1. to osl-vvce/open-hack-sprint
  2. to osl-vvce/open-hack-sprint
  3. to CodeMacrocosm/HacktoberFest2020 4. to CodeMacrocosm/HacktoberFest2020

I look forward to more contributions and learnings from the open source community.

HACKTOBER FEST 2020,this has been my first time but will not be my last time for sure. I insist everyone to spread the word too. as there are many aspiring developers who don't know about this Fest yet. The journey has been wonderful

Nikhil Mishra

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