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Discussion on: Good Linux distros for new users.

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The choices are good, but they are all Ubuntu-based. I would at least include Fedora - it's made by Red Hat, stable, pretty popular, and targetting programmers. However, they have a bit stricter policies on open source software, so you have to install and enable more proprietary codecs, like mp4, by yourself. Despite this little caveat, I still recommend it for devs, and even for everyday home use.

For diversity's sake I'd also throw Solus in there - an independent distro with a focus on personal computing. Most things should work out of the box and it should be pretty easy to use, without the need for much configuration.

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Bhawesh Kumar Author

I included the distros I used and tbh community support for ubuntu based distros are much better than most other distros. And for a new user that community can be a selling point. Thanks for the opinion though, I'll keep soulus in mind next time I write something similar.