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Good Linux distros for new users.

Are you willing to switch to linux or maybe give it a shot? Well I was too and to between all these hustle of distros and desktop environments I did what you did to find this article, I googled,"top linux distos". So here are my top distros that I'd recommend to a new comer.

1. Ubuntu


Let's begin with probably the most popular distro, Ubuntu itself. Ubuntu is based on Gnome desktop environment. It's comes with a side dock by default good for people who want something different than windows' taskbar and mac's dock, though it is customizable like any other linux disto. It comes with libre office preinstalled. Overall I'd suggest ubuntu to anyone who have heard about it and want to see what ubuntu is.

2. Pop OS

pop os

I'm currently using pop os as my main distro. It has probably the cleanest desktop out of every distro. It is built on top of ubuntu but there are several key differences. By default it has a hidden dock like default gnome, it's latest release has built in windows manager for people who are into that. It comes with a only a few basic software. It's made by system 76 for their hardware but it runs like a charm on any device. Overall I'm loving it and I'd recommend it to you if you want a clean desktop. I'll write an article on how I customize my pop os for learning and developing python.

3. Linux Mint

Linux Mint

If you're a windows user and want similar user experience on linux then Linux Mint is for you. It is built to attract windows users with a similar user interface and props driver installation and media codes on boot. I've not used it for long but with the short time I spent on it I'd say it was really good and polished.

4. Elementary OS

Elementary OS
If you're switching from mac and want a similar user interface by default then I'd recommend you Elementary OS. It's clean, it's simple and it's beautiful. It does a few things different from other distros, like having a 'Pay what you want' model. For apps in it's app center you can pay whatever you like to the developer to get that application, of-course you can choose to pay nothing. It also has something called Curated app, i.e, apps developed specifically for elementary os keeping it's theme in mind. Do give it a shot if you want something clean.


If you want something with arch then give manjaro a try. I've personally never used manjaro but I've heard some good things about it.

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webknjaz profile image
Sviatoslav Sydorenko

Aren't they all Debian based? I used to recommend Ubuntu but not anymore — they break packaging of Python stuff all the time. Now I only advocate for Fedora.

lilianmoraru profile image
Lilian Anatolie Moraru

These are Debian-based, indeed, but it so happens that these are the distros most friendly to new users.
While Fedora is a good distro(for example), I would not recommend it to new users... Their videos will not play “for some reason” and their Nvidia graphics driver does not work “for some reason” - that user will not want to touch Linux ever again, because of that experience. Not everybody is technical.

webknjaz profile image
Sviatoslav Sydorenko

Well, it looks like they do so at a cost of making other users' experience bad. For example:

Besides, the reason Nvidia drivers don't work is usually Nvidia.

praneetk96 profile image
Praneet Kumar

It's not like fedora can't play videos, I'm using fedora workstation from fedora 29 as a daily driver on my laptop, I've never ran into any problem related to media playback whether it's a video or audio file.

dietr0 profile image
Bhawesh Kumar

Explained better than I could, thankyou

groudfrank profile image
Groud Frank

I'm a Fedora user and as awesome as it is I wouldn't recommend it for new users. Not sure how many new users use Python but I'd bet that the pluses of using these distros far outweigh the negatives - like python problems.

vdmokstati profile image

Bonus one Manjaro is Arch based;)

dietr0 profile image
Bhawesh Kumar

Yes they are but these destros maintain their own repositories and uses ubuntu's repositories negligibly.

srisumandas profile image
Suman Das

You may include in the list the Garuda Linux. Based on Arch Linux it is stable, btrfs file system, eye candy out of the box for newbies. Lxqt is not resource hungry, all drivers included, snapshot presence. Moreover, made in India.

nikkehtine profile image

The choices are good, but they are all Ubuntu-based. I would at least include Fedora - it's made by Red Hat, stable, pretty popular, and targetting programmers. However, they have a bit stricter policies on open source software, so you have to install and enable more proprietary codecs, like mp4, by yourself. Despite this little caveat, I still recommend it for devs, and even for everyday home use.

For diversity's sake I'd also throw Solus in there - an independent distro with a focus on personal computing. Most things should work out of the box and it should be pretty easy to use, without the need for much configuration.

dietr0 profile image
Bhawesh Kumar

I included the distros I used and tbh community support for ubuntu based distros are much better than most other distros. And for a new user that community can be a selling point. Thanks for the opinion though, I'll keep soulus in mind next time I write something similar.

barbarosaffan profile image
Barbaros Yıldırım

IMO, there should've been Manjaro.

dietr0 profile image
Bhawesh Kumar

I mentioned manjaro in the bonus section because I've personally never used it.

im6h profile image

I'm working on Fedora, but with newbie I think Debian-based + GNOME desktop enviroment is friendly.

fhek789 profile image
Felipe Kinoshita • Edited

After trying out Fedora, i tend to recommend it to everyone, it feels more like a final product, if i could search for non gui apps through gnome-software it would be perfect!

daksh777 profile image
Daksh P. Jain

I'd also recommend Manjaro to beginners, it's based on Arch and is very user friendly.

hariprasetia profile image
Hari Prasetia • Edited

IMO, Deepin OS have best UI, very smooth and friendly for new linux user.

fotosimplenatur profile image
Fotografía Simple y Natural

Para principiantes salidos de windows recomendaria Linux WindowsFX, entorno grafico clon de win10 lo que facilita la transición al principiante

vjrubens profile image
Vince Rubens

Manjaro is another great distro for noobs. Arch Linux in my opinion is much better than Debian/Ubuntu based distros because of the community support.

hottabxp profile image

Hey. I recommend Linux Mint!

hifsakaur profile image
Kim Parker

thanks for the suggestions

pablofrelo profile image

KaOS is really nice distro

sourabhsnath profile image
Sourabh S Nath

Pop os should be at the top. It is simply a better ubuntu. Something easy and not based on debian and should have been on the list is Manjaro linux.

dietr0 profile image
Bhawesh Kumar

These distros are in no given order. I mentioned manjaro linux in bonus section because personally I never used it ever.

knav2013 profile image

Heard pclinux is good for beginners. Great online community for support as well apparently.

I've only dabbled with it using the boot iso setup on a virtual box. Must say, was impressed.

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