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Discussion on: Git branching done right with Gitflow & improving code quality with code reviews

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Nikola Brežnjak Author

Hey Alex, thanks for your question. I have to say that our backend teams prefer github-flow as they don't have the notion of versioned API so it kind of makes no sense for them to follow the 'flow' of develop/add new features -> when done with feature go into the 'release' mode, increase the version, merge into master, tag, and deploy. The mobile app teams, however, do go through this process every time they submit a new build to Apple/Google so it comes second nature to them to use such a flow and it makes them 'not forget' few of the things they need to do when in the 'release' branch.

I have found that I like the bash/zsh auto-completion plugin for git-flow and the fact that it basically 'does few commands' for me so that I don't have to type that much to, for example, 'finish' a branch - it also deletes it automatically for me, merges it into develop branch and checks out the develop branch.

Could one mimic the whole git-flow model without using the git-flow tool? Sure, for example, for hotfix branches you could just create a 'new' branch and make sure you stay consistent with your naming (prefixing it with, for example, 'hotfix/'). The same applies for feature branches.

Even if you don't end up using 'all' of the branches from the git-flow model, I think that trying out the tool may be useful as it's a good companion that makes you type less.

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Alex Olson

Thank you for the awesome response! Very helpful.