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re: Working less than 40h a week? VIEW POST


Not me but a senior colleague of mine at Valtech Germany works 4 days a week with a fixed day off. Also we have people with fixed home-office-days due to their long commute.

I think it makes more sense to do a shorter week, instead of 5 shorter days. At least I'd prefer it. One day to push all doctors/hairdresses/bike-repair-appointments!

I honestly don't think I'd get much less done in 4 days than on 5.

Besides when you work for a company with strong union-tariffs (IG-Metall), chances are you'll get a 35 or 37h-week as full-time.


Huh, it didn't even occur to me that, as a software developer, you can work in a company where worker unions are present. Seems obvious now.


Yes the occupation doesn't matter as much, my wife works as Buchhalterin at Rohde & Schwarz and enjoys a 35h-Week.

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