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My "biggest" hobbies are guitar and game-dev (I probably spend about the same time gaming, but wouldn't see it as hobby or passion).

Especially the guitar is great for instant dive-in and getting in a flow-like state (there are no notifications on guitars popping up). Also it's pretty quick to pick up and put away, and you can play while watching shows.

Gamedev is great because it combines so many things I like: coding, music, graphics. (Also things I don't enjoy, like creative writing)

I had more hobbies coming and going, and also thought a lot about how to schedule them and so on. My conclusion was that, if the "passion"/"love"/"motivation" is there, I don't really need to schedule it. If I struggle with keeping up with an activity, then I probably just want to be having done that, instead of be doing it. (Sorry, that reads horribly. Example: Somebody starts writing poems. Not because they enjoy writing poems, but because they want to have written poems. I hope it's understandable. They want to tell people they wrote a poem.)

I think it makes sense to plan and schedule in the beginning, but if I struggle too long to keep up, it may be time to ditch that activity.


Definitely agree that game dev is a great way to combine lots of interesting things. I personally enjoy creative writing but there are lots of games that don't have as much of a story element where you can still make a great game. I guess I don't schedule my hobbies per say, its just that I sometimes have a desire to do more than one at the same time, and then have decision fatigue and end up doing none of them at all.

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