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Discussion on: Playing catch-up

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Nicolai Parlog

Spot on! I know because I am one of those "having a ton of Twitter followers, a massive contribution history on GitHub, or a collection of Strong Opinions On Programming Libraries" (or at least I'm getting there) but I can tell you first-hand that I know next to nothing about a huge number of things even in the ecosystem I am working for years now (Java), let alone any other.

I think it is important for everybody's personal development but also for the community as a whole that we acknowledge openly when we don't know something. I tried but nobody wanted to chime in. ;)

I think these posts apply as well: Contempt Culture, Secondary Effects.

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Ben Halpern

Hehe, yeah. I went from not that many Twitter followers to a bunch, and I don't think it was because I became that much more knowledgeable about any part of programming. It was mostly unrelated third variables.