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Discussion on: What are your programming goals for 2017?

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Nicolai Parlog

I've started a few side projects and want to focus on making them usable. This is where they stand as of now:

  • WorkflowyFX should one day become a Chrome / Firefox plugin that makes using the awesome Workflowy even awesomer. At the moment it does almost nothing and must be installed locally. Mpf.
  • JUnit Io is where I want to collect JUnit 5 extensions. The project is almost set up, including publishing nightly snapshots, and ready to gather features. But as with WorkflowyFX, nothing usable was published yet.
  • I don't even know whether the third thingy is worth mentioning. It's hardly a project and more of a learning exercise. I thought it would be nice to have a tool that lists recent releases of the biggest open source projects so I wrote something in Kotlin (my first time) that asynchronously (my first time) connects to GitHub (you can guess). Not least thanks to a friend I made good progress just yesterday and it may become usable soon. Ish.

With WorkflowyFX, I have to get it into two browser stores (Chrome, Firefox), which I'm sure will be an "interesting" experience. JUnit Io needs some more infrastructure (documentation, website, ...) but from then on it should be "just coding" as publication is automated. Finally, the "recent releases" thing just needs to be finished and put onto GitHub.

I would like to continue to dabble in Kotlin and JavaScript (I'm a one-trick Java pony) and get to at least a decent level of productivity in both languages.

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Ben Halpern Author

I've never distributed a Firefox extension, but the Chrome store was a breeze. Quick and simple process.

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