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Discussion on: Jack Of All Trades or Master of One?

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Nir Lanka ニル • Edited

I completely relate to each and every sentence you wrote.
Now I work on a front end specific job, but I love working with and building compilers, game engines, OSs, reverse engineering, utility tools, databases and a lot more things, even though I may never truly become the best in them.
I feel it's ok to be specialised in a specific area, at least on your day job. It gives you more authority in working in it (and cures imposter syndrome a bit). But I just can't stop working on all the other stuff. It would break my brain just thinking about one area all the time.
I think being a jack of all trades helps as you go. Not just to make you a better thinker, but also to use that knowledge, experience and passion to help in your seemingly unrelated day job work. I know it did for me. It gave me an edge in a lot of situations.
So I say, be proud of being a jack of all trades and a sponge for knowledge of all kinds.
Wishing you the best of luck!

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Katie Adams Author

I'm so glad you relate. It's great to know that experiences can be shared, especially in our community.
Goodness gracious I couldn't agree more with, "It would break my brain just thinking about one area all the time".
All the same luck to you, friend! Jack of all trades unite 😁