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Hey @ben and team - I plan to rely on for a lot of things in 2018 so..

What's the best way to provide design feedback or feature requests? Is there a good global/pinned discussion where we can do this so the community can see it and potentially boost existing requests instead of creating new ones?

Case in point:
I really love the actions bar that you have at the bottom of each post (to like, save to reading list etc) but I encounter a fundamental problem - when you have a long article that generates a lot of comments, it is sometimes difficult to find the bar to save it to the reading list. Not only does the white-on-white aesthetic make it disappear into the longer thread, but there is also no easy way to "find" it using browser search because there are no unique keywords around it to help the browser search detect it uniquely.

Any chance this bar could be added right under the title section before the body of the page? Not only does that make it easily visible and quick for "scan-save-go" operations on longer articles, but it also provides me an inherent signal on key aspects of the article (e.g., how many people are bookmarking this to read) that I find really valuable to determine priority of consumption.

Thanks again for all the amazing work this team does. You make me want to do more just because it is so effortless to generate content, and so fulfilling to read it.

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