Stepped Away for a Long Weekend

noelworden profile image Noel Worden ・1 min read

This Week I Learned (20 Part Series)

1) Beginning of a Blog Series 2) Accessing localhost within a Docker Image 3 ... 18 3) Identifying and Removing Hidden Characters 4) Getting Granular with Git Diff 5) Tweaking Logger Outputs on the Fly 6) Keeping Your Hands on the Keyboard: A Few Bash and Git Shortcuts 7) Breaking Down Elixir's `with` Expression 8) How To Write A Custom Elixir Schema Validation 9) The Handful of Commands I Use When Interactive Rebasing with Vim 10) Got 5 Minutes to Spare? Why Not Set up a Custom Commit Message Template? 11) Improving Your Commit Message with the 50/72 Rule 12) Simultaneously Looping Over Two Collections in Elixir 13) How to Utilize Enum.any?, with a Refactoring Twist! 14) A Rabbit Hole of Decimal Formatting 15) More Custom Validation Work: Manipulating a Keyword List To and From a Map 16) Stepped Away for a Long Weekend 17) So Many Ways to Update a Map with Elixir! 18) Git: Keeping Files from Being Tracked Without .gitignore 19) Git: Tracking Down a Committed File, with a Real-Time Ah-Ha Moment! 20) Setting up `.iex.exs` to Speed up Your Elixir Debugging (and How to Include It in a Docker Image)

This past week was a short one for me, I took some PTO to take advantage of the holiday weekend. I also decided to take a break from posting, as I really wanted to be able to step away from the computer and decompress.

I'll keep the series going next week, as I have some great PR's open at the moment and I'm sure I'll get some blog-worthy feedback!


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