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Beginning of a Blog Series

I recently started a project using Elixir/Phoenix and raw SQL querying. I have been having a lot of 'aha moments' lately and I feel like they are worth documenting. Personal notes and Github Gists of solutions are nice, but I also figure that if it took me a hot second to find the answer, I'd have to imagine that others may have come up against similar roadblocks. You can never have too much documentation.

Im shooting for a This Week I Learned kind of format, the best 'aha moment' of the week. Ideally, this post would be a sort of table of contents, linking to all the posts, but I'll have to see how that works out. The solutions I write about are as I best understand them. They could be incomplete or need more detail. I welcome all critique and suggestions on how to do things better; I'm always learning.

Week of March 23: Accessing localhost within a Docker Image
Week of March 30: Identifying and Removing Hidden Characters
Week of April 6: Getting Granular with Git Diff
Week of April 13: Tweaking Logger Outputs on the Fly
Week of April 20: Keeping Your Hands on the Keyboard: A Few Bash and Git Shortcuts
Week of April 27: Breaking Down Elixir's with Expression
Week of May 4: How To Write A Custom Elixir Schema Validation
Week of May 11: The Handful of Commands I Use When Interactive Rebasing with Vim
Week of May 18: Got 5 Minutes to Spare? Why Not Set up a Custom Commit Message Template?
Week of May 25: Improving Your Commit Message with the 50/72 Rule
Week of June 1: Synchronously Looping Over Two Collections in Elixir
Week of June 8: How to Utilize Enum.any?, with a Refactoring Twist!
Week of June 15: A Rabbit Hole of Decimal Formatting
Week of June 22: More Custom Validation Work: Manipulating a Keyword List To and From a Map
Week of June 29: Stepped Away for a Long Weekend
Week of July 6: So Many Ways to Update a Map with Elixir!
Week of July 13: Git: Keeping Files from Being Tracked Without .gitignore
Week of July 20: Git: Tracking Down a Committed File, with a Real-Time Ah-Ha Moment!
Week of July 27: Setting up .iex.exs to Speed up Your Elixir Debugging (and How to Include It in a Docker Image)
Week of August 3: Git: The Power of the Dash
Week of August 10: Assigning Two Fields from One Dropdown Selection with Elixir
Week of August 17: PSA: Take Some Time for Yourself
Week of August 24: The F*ck - A Great Little Productivity App
Week of August 31: Docker: Connecting an Elixir/Phoenix App Container and Database Container
Week of September 7: A Few Caveats to Running Elixir Tests in Containers and CI

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