re: What Do You Think About "Github's new Profile README"? VIEW POST

re: Purpose of post: show that not everyone loves the new feature. Reason for being against it: I think it makes Github less about the repositories. I ...

Thanks for taking the time to explain it.

Not every feature is for everybody, that's for sure.

I somewhat agree with you, the more I see how people are using it, myself included, I see that It can be quite obtrusive and can remove focus from repositories and the profile in general if done incorrectly. I see it more as an "extended description" more than a personal site like GitHub pages.

GitHub left it up to the users to create a page to show off their skills, aka GitHub pages

Yup, and up to us (the readers) to voluntarily navigate to it, the new profile README is on your face from the moment you access someone's profile.

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