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What Do You Think About "Github's new Profile README"?

nombrekeff profile image Manolo Edge ・1 min read

Github recently added the option to create a README that will show on your profile page, like a more customizable description.

My readme looks as follows:

Alt Text

What do you think about it? Will you be using it? If so, for what purpose?

You can create yours by following this tutorial:

If you'd like to see what people are putting on their profiles, please check out Waylon's post:


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Wonderful, I wasn't expecting this lol! Funny stuff, can't wait to stumble across more of these in the wild xD


Uh, I love easter eggs like that


I appreciate them as well, makes you feel cool if you find them xD.


Maximum people knows it now


I love them!!

Still trying to figure out what to make mine look like, but I love how much you can do with it.

I have had a number of examples responded to in my post. @nombrekeff thanks for sharing yours!

Anyone else reading here drop by and 🙌 share your profile.


I also like it quite a bit. I'm also figuring it out at the moment but I think I'll wait and get some inspiration from the ones people post over on your post.


There are so many good ones, I keep tweaking mine from new inspiration.


I am actually enjoying the fact that they are updating the UI.
It was time


Me too, it's looking great for now, I'm waiting for the dark theme though :/


Go check out the extension Dark Reader. It automatically makes websites dark, and works great in most cases, including GitHub. There’s also more than one mode, so if one doesn’t work for a specific website, you can try one of the others.

Nice, I knew about these tools but never thought of using one. I will check it out.


Great. This was the purpose of this post. Can I ask you the reason?


Purpose of post: show that not everyone loves the new feature.
Reason for being against it: I think it makes Github less about the repositories. I like that GitHub left it up to the users to create a page to show off their skills, aka GitHub pages, but now you have a generic markdown document, that can't fully represent your skills.

Thanks for taking the time to explain it.

Not every feature is for everybody, that's for sure.

I somewhat agree with you, the more I see how people are using it, myself included, I see that It can be quite obtrusive and can remove focus from repositories and the profile in general if done incorrectly. I see it more as an "extended description" more than a personal site like GitHub pages.

GitHub left it up to the users to create a page to show off their skills, aka GitHub pages

Yup, and up to us (the readers) to voluntarily navigate to it, the new profile README is on your face from the moment you access someone's profile.


Like I said in the long feedback message I sent to Github. That's the coolest feature they have made so far. I love the fact that is suuuuper customizable with just markdown.

Here's mine
github profile


I checked Waylon's post earlier. And gotta say some of the readme is just too cool to handle. 😍


Wow, I Think that this is nice, its a good way to highlight the profile


Definitely, I'm looking forward to seeing what people come up with for their READMEs